, Warsaw National Philharmonic

Warsaw National Philharmonic



March 11th 2020 / Wednesday / 7:00PM

Warsaw National Philharmonic
Jasna 5 street

proMODERN pays a tribute to some remarkable composers, linked to Warsaw with their complicated biography. We present pieces unusual for those authors, like the only vocal a capella works by Witold Lutosławski, a spiritual Marian folk-originated song by Andrzej Panufnik or intimate sonnets by Stanisław Moryto, written for proMODERN just before his death and dedicated to his beloved wife. Those compositions’ creation process is as remarkable, as its composers’ Warsaw inclinations – they were born there, educated there, have worked there or even gave their lives fort the city. We feel that this 20th century music can be equally meaningful for the audience, as it was for its passionate makers.

Stanisław Moryto

 - 3 Sonnets [6’]

Roman Padlewski
 - 2 Motets: O, anielska PaniRadości wam powiedam [6’]
Witold Lutosławski
 - Lord Tennyson Song [2’]
Andrzej Panufnik
 - Song to the Virgin Mary [12’]
 *break* [15']
Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz
 - Orpheus ifn the forest [20’]
Tadeusz Baird
 - 3 Songs: Biegną wody potokuOzleciały się siwe gołębieEj osa,osa, zimna rosa[7’]
Witold Lutosławski
 - 10 Polish Folk Songs on Soldier Themes [15’]

The “Stage for Polish Music” is a new project of the Institute of Music and Dance aimed at Polish music performers and organised in collaboration with the Warsaw Philharmonic and arts institutions in Poland. Programmes featuring Polish music, selected on the basis of a competition, will be presented at the Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Hall and then repeated in other cities in Poland.