“It’s too long, boring probably. Something else’d be better”.
“We’re not going all that way to see each other – we’ll write it all down online chatting!”
“Leave it, forget about it for now”.
“It’s good the way it is. Just to be on the safe side, let’s not change anything”.

Life is somewhere between feeling secure and changing the future. For love of comfort or out of fear, we create an illusion of a safe bay where nothing will disturb our peace. Neither will we experience, understand, or learn anything there. Less risk, less depth, less pain and inconvenience. More fleeting smiles, brief pleasure, oblivion.
True love that requires effort or a step into the unknown. Superficial relations instead of frankness and devotion. Work into which we escape but which there is no escaping in our own minds. Sudden goodbyes we refuse to accept. Replies we chase after with no sense of meaning. Death, which will stop us before our goal anyway.
Great, wonderful and genuine events happen outside our comfort zone. When things take longer. Happen more acutely. Go deeper.



"It is a meticulously programmed and emotionally expressive album, mainly because of an outstanding performance. It seems like a beautiful and mysterious musical tale. Electronic Interludes refer to prominent tradition of Polish Radio Experimental Studio."

Ewa Szczecińska, Polish Radio


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