, proMODERN shakespired

proMODERN shakespired

Love, longing, desire and betrayal, youth, family, old age and death…
While reading Shakespeare, we discover our deepest emotions in his verse – as though that Elizabethan poet had known the secrets of the modern man, or as if the hidden knowledge and alchemy of the human heart did not change with time. Though the language he uses is now centuries old, the message of these songs remains relevant and alive. They tell us about everyday human emotions in simple words, but in a refined form.
Contemporary music brings out the current relevance of the British master’s verse. Likewise intimate and sublime, the music brings us closer to the meanings of William Shakespeare’s mysterious sonnets.


"With ‘... shakespired’, proMODERN have realised a remarkable artistic vision. I am proud to be a part  of this dramatic musical journey.”

Philip Lawson


"proMODERN are a seriously exciting group. There are obvious parallels with James Weeks’s Exaudi or Paul Hillier’s Theatre of Voices but proMODERN’s sound is all their own – lean, sinewy and infinitely agile. A collective of soloists with an enormous technical toy-box, the group is surely a composer’s dream, offering limitless possibilities."

Alexandra Coghlan, "Gramophone"


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