Seeking for beauty, it is what singing means to us. We’ve been training our voices and souls to be the device of giving the audience the art, as delicate as the phenomenon of silence. We are fixing our eyes on the point in which the essence of a precious sound is present. Listener, be with us where we are heading for.
First of all, modern music is the art of today. It is the most present creation for our aestehtics and our values. It is the world of sounds that is close  to us, being created by composers standing next to us, living in the same city, doing shopping in the same places. Modern music is looking for something that we are all looking for – the moment of being amazed with beauty.
Where are you...? In a sincere pray...? In a longing declaration of love...? In a flame of emotions...?
proMODERN invites you to the beautiful world of modern music.

“Where are you? Pieces from Warsaw“ is a collection of pieces by young generation composers being close to everyday Warsaw. It is the effect of a frendship connecting proMODERN with modern music creators living in Warsaw. It was founded by people for whom beauty and timbre in music is not indifferent. proMODERN would like to remind the listeners and composers that charm, heart bliss, and a precious flame is the power of the art which unites. The power that is still present, not being shouted down by the effect, snaps, shock or coldness of the narcissistic snobbery. Modern music is being created for everyone, it might be beautiful for everyone and will be always worth cognition.



proMODERN delivers bright timbre and agility and the ability to place chords with tremendous precision. The sound they make is in many ways actually a very English one – think of The King’s Singers with added female voices – but that does not mean that it lacks passion; quite the reverse!

Ivan Moody, “Gramophone”


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